Netherlands: Six Moroccan binational jihadists permanently lose Dutch nationality

The Dutch Council of State affirmed that the law allows for the revocation of the nationality of six Moroccan-Dutch jihadists who fought in the ranks of the Islamic State and other terrorist groups thus approving the decision of Mark Harbers, former secretary of Justice and Security. The revocation of their nationality had been pronounced several years ago.

In a ruling on Friday, the Council of State said the Dutch government acted legally by depriving six Dutch-Moroccan binational citizens of their Dutch nationality over allegations that they had travelled to Syria to join the extremist group.

The case involves four men and two women. They lost their Dutch passports in 2017 and 2018. Three of them were convicted in absentia for joining a terrorist group while three others simply lost their nationality based on official intelligence reports from the Dutch intelligence service, the AIVD.

At least seven people had travelled to Syria and subsequently lost their passports, before being reinstated as Dutch citizens. This reinstatement is explained by the fact that the organizations to which they had belonged were not on the official list of terrorist organizations when their passports were revoked, the NOS channel reported.

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