Muslims fabricated the alleged rape of their four-year-old daughter in a Christian day-care centre because they were to be deported from Germany – Now they are gone into hiding

It is a case that still makes so angry: In autumn 2020, a Muslim mother claimed in a video in Arabic that her then four-year-old daughter had been raped at the St. Martin Catholic day-care centre in Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate).

Although after a medical examination it quickly became clear that there was no truth to the allegations, hell began for the daycare’s only male educator (44): death threats, police protection, three more criminal charges with false accusations – and finally a heart attack.

The parents of the alleged victim of the fabricated rape have disappeared without a trace. Now it is revealed: According to the municipality of Koblenz, they had applied for asylum in Germany in vain!

A spokesperson: “The asylum procedures had ended and they were thus obliged to leave the country”. After a conversation “concerning a voluntary departure” they disappeared: “We have no idea where the family could be now.

If they were stopped by the police, they would be asked to “contact the competent foreigners authority”.

However: No investigations have been initiated against the girl’s parents for pretending that a criminal offence has been committed. The Koblenz Attorney General Jürgen Brauer: “At present, it must be assumed that the parents are convinced that abuse of their child has occurred.”

According to Koblenz Attorney General Jürgen Brauer, there are 137 proceedings because of the harassment, mainly committed online – they range from defamation to public incitement to murder: “In 30 proceedings, we have filed an application for the issuing of a criminal order, ten proceedings of which have been legally concluded. Fines of up to 100 daily penalty units were predominantly imposed/applied for.”

In one other case, the public prosecutor’s office brought charges, seven proceedings went to other German public prosecutor’s offices and one to authorities in Austria. 37 preliminary proceedings were dropped, 15 are still pending. In 46 cases, no perpetrator could be identified.

In the video, the mother had told of the rape of her daughter by several men, videotaped group sex and beatings of children. As a result, sheer hatred spread against the only male educator.

Among other things, the police advised him to change his name and move abroad. He became unfit for work and ended up in a psychiatric day clinic with depression. Later he suffered a heart attack. The 44-year-old: “For example, I am said to have collected children with a camper van and recorded porn with them.”

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