Unbelievable: Asylum accommodation in Berlin costs over €1 600 per square metre

The capital of Germany, ruled by a coalition of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, The Left [Die Linke], and The Greens, is embroiled in a new mega construction scandal. This latest scandal comes in the wake of two senior lawmakers from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative alliance resigning after accusations that they had profited from the Coronavirus pandemic through kickbacks for state purchases of face masks.

In Berlin, almost 50 “modular accommodation units for refugees” (MUF) have swallowed up a total of more than a billion euros in construction and other costs. According to the Senate, the production costs an incredible €1 600 to €2 600 per square meter — far too expensive and dubious for simple prefabricated buildings. It should be lower than the average cost, which is around €1 400.

Thus, with the monthly salary of a German taxpayer, one square meter of living space is created for people who for the most part are not even allowed to be the country.

But the project is also legally questionable, according to the AfD magazine Kompakt: “We have never experienced such a brazen abuse of special building rights as in Berlin in all of Germany,” said a lawyer. Meanwhile, there is even speculation about demolitions being carried out, because the migrant accommodation is only allowed to be inhabited by asylum seekers and Berlin wants to transfer them to the regular housing market.

Also in connection with alleged Corona fraud, the state security and public prosecutor in Berlin are investigating around 60 Islamist groups with more than a hundred individuals, associations and mosque associations involved in criminal dealings. In several cases there is even “the suspicion of direct terrorist financing”, reported German daily Die Weltciting “circles of Berlin’s law enforcement authorities”. It is yet another example of how ordinary self-employed Germans and employees have to suffer their corrupt elites.

The unprecedented failure of the Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), who has himself been drowning in scandals, does not end there. Only a few days ago it was reported that Altmaier had to put the Corona aid on hold because an IT botch in his home enabled systematic abuse of the funding. Altmaier’s reputation has suffered from his unconditional courting of Angela Merkel and the metamorphosis of the CDU to a left-wing party, AfD insiders say.


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