German convert to Islam and IS Terrorist left tied up 15-year-old girl to die in agony in burning heat – The trial against her has started in Munich

Jennifer W., accused of being an IS terrorist, described her former husband as violent before the Munich Higher Regional Court (OLG) on Monday. He had beaten the Yazidi woman and the girl who had lived in their house in Iraq – for reasons that were getting more and more null and void.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office accuses the young woman from Lohne (Vechta district) in Lower Saxony of becoming a member of the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and keeping a mother and her daughter in her house as slaves.

The 29-year-old had also recently testified about her allegedly violent husband before the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court, where the Iraqi is charged with the same crime as she is: A little Yazidi girl allegedly died in the courtyard of their house in Fallujah (Iraq) in 2015 – tied up in the burning heat. The man allegedly tied her up and Jennifer W. stood impassively by.

She did not dare to untie the child, the accused said. About the day the child is said to have died, she had already said in Frankfurt that she had not dared to intervene. “I then thought about what I was going to do, but didn’t dare.” Then she had looked after the child again. “I saw that she was getting weaker.”

In Munich, Jennifer W. has so far only made a written statement, which her lawyer read out in court. She announced, however, that she would answer the court’s questions herself – but not those of the Federal Prosecution or the plaintiffs. It is possible that this will be continued on the next day of the trial on Friday.

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