Turkey’s ambassador to Austria pays a visit to the Islamist extreme right-wing Turkish organisation “Grey Wolves” and gives them a book entitled “The Hagia Sophia – Great Mosque” as a gift

After denigrating Christmas last year and other verbal lapses, Ozan Ceyhun is once again causing a stir – and this time from Vienna to the Bosporus. As the Turkish daily “Yeniçağ Gazetesi” reports, the ambassador in Vienna visited the headquarters of the ultra-national Grey Wolves in the Danube city at the end of February and was welcomed by their president Ali Can.

Why exactly a book entitled “The Hagia Sophia – Great Mosque” was chosen by him as a gift – the conversion of which, as is well known, led to worldwide protests – is a puzzle. The monumental house of worship was converted into a mosque after the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul). State founder Kemal Atatürk made a museum out of it, which it was until 2020. Another mystery is why this photo was so proudly shared on the social media by the Grey Wolves, who have been spreading their ideology under the code name “Avusturya Türk Federasyon” since 1994.

The picture has the following caption: “Our Austrian Ambassador, Mr. Ozan Ceyhun, visited us with his team at our headquarters of the ‘Turkish Federasyon’ and thus honoured us. I would like to thank the ambassador on behalf of our community for his kind visit.”


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