German-language Turkish religious book “legitimises” murder and chastisement of women

When is murder allowed and when is a husband allowed to chastise his wife? This is the subject of a book that a Turkish publishing house is also distributing in German.

What do the Islamist Milli Görüs Community (IGMG), a Düsseldorf Salafist shop and the internet giant Amazon have in common? They are distributing a book calling for what happened to the teacher Samuel Paty in France: an Islamist bestially murdered him in October because he was said to have insulted the Prophet by showing Mohammed cartoons in the classroom.

The murderer committed what the book “Ilmihal für Frauen – Islamisches Grundwissen für Frauen” (Ilmihal = Catechism), published by the Uysal publishing house in Istanbul, postulates as a religious duty: “Someone who insults the Prophet, offends or denigrates his religion in any way must be killed”, it says on page 177. Even remorse does not spare the “perpetrator”.

The Thalia bookstore chain has already taken the book out of its assortment, at Amazon it was still available on Friday evening: the book “Ilmihal (=Catechism) for Women – Basic Islamic Knowledge for Women” published in German by the Turkish Uysal publishing house. According to the book, this basic knowledge includes – as reported exclusively by the newspaper VOLKSBLATT – the following: “Anyone who insults the Prophet, offends him or denigrates his religion in any way must be killed.” And: “If a woman rebels against her husband, the Koran allows the husband to chastise his wife as a last resort.” Further, “In the case of public indecency on the part of the wife, light beating on the part of the husband is permitted.” However, the husband is required to leave “no trace” of the beating.

Austria’s Integration and Women’s Affairs Minister Susanne Raab ( Austrian People’s Party) told VOLKSBLATT that she was “truly appalled”. “These contents are disgusting, abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable.”

Islamist and misogynist texts, she said, “have no place in our society and are to be absolutely condemned”. Raab finds it “right and without alternative that individual book chains (Thalia, ed.) reacted immediately and removed the title from their catalogue”.

The Milli Görüs Community (IGMG), represented by at least one religious community in the Islamic Religious Community in Austria (IGGÖ), had also sold the book over its online book club “Kitap Kulübü” registered in Cologne.

Only after the VOLKSBLATT reported on it did the title disappear from the range. However, both the IGMG and the IGGÖ did not respond to requests for statements on the extremist content of this work.

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