WATCH: Refugees smash tourist flats in Gran Canaria

The sunny island of Gran Canaria is currently being transformed in a very short time from a dream destination for tourists from all over Europe into a large asylum camp for Africans who have illegally entered the country.

A video that circulates on social networks shows what this looks like in practice.

The magazine ” Kanarenmarkt” reports on the background of the video: “A total of four migrants, three of them minors, were arrested on Monday after an altercation at the “Puerto Bello” apartment complex in Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria.

Security forces had also been pelted from balconies with everything in the rooms. Everything within reach was thrown onto the street. Several flats were almost completely destroyed in the process.”

In the apartment complex from which the video originates, minors with a migration background are allegedly accommodated. Insiders and the regional government of the Canary Islands assume that about half of the 600 allegedly underage migrants currently on the island are only pretending to be minors in order to avoid deportation.

Tenerife residents are currently suffering similarly catastrophic conditions.

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