Legal scandal in a German court about thugs belonging to an Arab clan – 30 Arabs attacked construction workers and seriously injured them, but will probably get off without punishment

A mob of about 30 thugs could apparently attack workers at a construction site with impunity, beat up three victims and stab a man!

Seven and a half years after the unbelievable construction site attack by a family clan at Hohentorsplatz square (in Bremen’s Neustadt district), the trial finally opened in court on Tuesday. For dangerous bodily harm committed as a group.But there were only two men in the dock. Kemal M. (39) and Walid C. (37). And the judge did not conceal the fact that he would either quickly stop the trial or otherwise impose a lenient sentence in exchange for confessions.The barbaric attack horrified the people of Bremen in August 2013: Four clan members carelessly walked through a cordoned-off construction site. The workers tried to scare them away. According to the police, they ” informed the pedestrians of the wrong behaviour”.According to the defence lawyer, it sounded like, “Get your asses off the construction site!”

30 minutes later, the two adults and two juvenile troublemakers returned with about 30 members of the clan. They beat three victims to the ground, kicked one in the head and upper body, causing bruises to all of them. A fourth construction worker was cut in the back by a perpetrator and suffered a wound 15 centimetres long.

After the cowardly attack, the mob fled and hid in nearby flats. The police arrived with twenty emergency vehicles and searched a block of flats with the Special Police Unit (SEK). Twelve suspects were investigated, 21 men had fled.

Because there were so many thugs, most of them could not be charged with any specific crime. The knifeman is still unknown. Five men were to be charged. But the investigations against three suspects have now been dropped after negotiations behind the scenes!

And the two remaining defendants waited for years for their trial because the district court had too few staff. The few judges had to take care of “more important” trials and cases in which the defendants were in custody, it is said.

The fact that an amicable settlement was not already reached in court on Tuesday is thanks to the defence lawyers, of all people. Before their defendants testify, they want the construction workers who were injured at the time to testify as witnesses.

The trial is to continue.

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