Ritual slaughter of zoo animals in Austrian and German zoos committed by migrants – the local Green parties are sympathetic: “The poor migrants are just hungry !”

It was only ten days later that the Viennese ritual slaughter massacre became public . Thanks to investigative journalism. Not without reason, of course: Vienna has been part of the Welcome City project since 2015 (thanks to the Socialist-Green Welcome Policy). At the centre of critique: the socialist “City Councillor for Environment and Democracy” (formerly “City Councillor for Integration and Education”), Jürgen Czernohorsky (birth name: Wutzlhofer).

This is because: “Full transparency” is provided by bobo politicians “for every rescued kitten”… “There was no broadcast (however) of the petting zoo massacre by the animal protection city councillor”. There was also “nothing released” by the Vienna police: “We don’t have to justify which cases are published and which are not”. (Police spokeswoman Gass) – A strange understanding of democracy on the part of the municipal executive…

The remaining animals in Vienna Zoo are now protected by security officers. – Of course, this is not possible everywhere: “In Graz, two skinned cats were found within a week. The unknown perpetrator had skinned one alive.”. There were also several cases in Vorarlberg and Öberösterreich in 2017 : a skinned cat was hung from a tree.), Likewise 2020 in Delitzsch, Saxony).

Finally, leftist PC ideology even constructed ” anti-gypsy undertones” – namely due to the conviction of the Berlin goat-knifing men (nine and ten months imprisonment) – Marxist pattern of interpretation: The exploitative working conditions of the men” had “only led to the crime”. (Documentation Centre for Antiziganism) Since they only “wanted a piece of meat because they were hungry”, because “the boss withheld their wages”, and they also had a “peasant background”. In addition, “the goat had been slaughtered in a manner appropriate to the species”.

The Berlin judge saw it differently: “If I have an appetite for a sheep’s leg, there is no sensible reason to kill a goat.” – “There was money for alcohol. You could have bought food,” the prosecutor said.One of the main proponents of Vienna’s Welcome Policy in 2015, the Green Party’s ex-vice mayor, Vassilakou, nevertheless retroactively showed herself “proud” of it… – Four years later, however, she had had enough of Vienna: “I notice how it pulls me out of Austria.”At first, with that rich salary of 17,000 euros, she studied abroad in London while working as a city councillor. She then applied for the position of Leipzig’s mayor for construction. After all, she had done a kind of test study in the Vienna construction scene, which was suspected of corruption (her Green Party friend and councillor Chorherr was Vienna’s planning spokesperson). In the end, however, it all finally became true. Now she is an expert for “climate-neutral cities” in the EU research programme “Mission Boards”.

The Viennese Socialists can be accused of many things, but one thing they certainly cannot be accused of is lacking a sense of power. After Vassilakou’s successor, the ultra-leftist-green ex-vice mayor Hebein (ex-antifa activist and railway station social worker), had a paddling pool set up in the middle of Vienna’s lead-polluted inner-city motorway – the Gürtel – for several weeks, the current Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) mayor Ludwig had finally had enough of the Green (eco) madness (unused traffic jam pop-up cycle paths, an ambulance for stressed city pigeons, disarming the city police…).

He continued the coalition no longer with the Greens but with the smart neo-liberal party, the NEOS. And this despite the fact that Hebein had scored the biggest election victory for the Vienna Greens. Afterwards she was dismantled by the masochistic Green Vienna leadership.Amid great howls of consternation from left-wing bobo journailles: “The Greens in Vienna have just grossly violated just about all their alleged ideals,” according to the newspaper Die Presse.Reaction of the Green Austrian Federal President Van der Bellen: “I can’t believe it!” He had simply overslept the deportation (by the Wega anti-terrorist unit) in the early hours of the morning (of January 28, 2021). – Probably still quite drunk on success from his extensively celebrated 4-year jubilee in office “in great composure.” (New Year’s speech 2021 and Corona’s assessment: “We’ll get it right!”


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