German Catholic dioceses fund another ‘Sea-Eye’ migrant taxi

Three Catholic dioceses have promised the migrant aid organization Sea-Eye that they will provide 125 000 euros for another ship. The association based in Regensburg announced the news on Thursday that the archbishopric of Munich and Freising as well as Paderborn and the diocese of Trier would be contributing.

The money will be used to finance the transfer of the Sea-Eye 4to the Mediterranean in the spring. “The donations from the Catholic dioceses of Munich and Freising, Paderborn and Trier enable us to send the Sea-Eye 4 to the operational area immediately after the shipyard work”, said the association’s chairman Gorden Isler. “Thanks to the tailwind from the Catholic dioceses, Sea-Eye and United4Rescue have the opportunity to use future donations for the shipyard and operational costs. We are very grateful.”

Last year, with the support of the United4Rescue alliance, Sea-Eye bought a former supply ship that has since been converted to accommodate migrants in the Mediterranean. United4Resue is largely supported by the Evangelical Church in Germany.

“The Sea-Eye 4 could then start its first mission in March or April,” it said. Unlike the Alan Kurdi, which is also operated by Sea-Eye and is registered as a Hamburg ship, the Sea-Eye 4 will have Regensburg as its home port.

Another ship in Germany is currently being prepared for use in the Mediterranean. The Mare Jonio 2 is in a Bremen shipyard and should be ready for launch by April. The Norwegian ship had previously been used to transport floating platforms. It will have space for a thousand immigrants and will have drones, night vision devices and hot air balloons and will be operated by the organization Mediterranea Saving Humans. That would make it the largest migrant aid ship in the Mediterranean.

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