The skilled workers longed for by Merkel have finally arrived: Oriental package delivery man masturbates in front of 17-year-old German package recipient

Yesterday, at around 3:15 pm, the employee of a delivery service delivered a parcel to a 17-year-old female recipient in the street Bahnhofstraße in Schwarza. Shortly after the delivery, the man rang the doorbell again and performed exhibitionistic acts on himself in front of the teenager. Afterwards, the perpetrator escaped unrecognised.

Personal description:

  • dark hair – light brown tips (dyed)
  • Apparent age 20-30
  • slim
  • approx. 170 – 180 cm tall
  • Oriental-Turkish phenotype
  • Waistcoat neon-orange
    Witnesses to the incident or anyone who can provide information about the perpetrator are asked to contact the Saalfeld Criminal Investigation Department by calling 03672 417 1464, by email: or any other police station.

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