Germany: Afghan killed his wife on the balcony with 19 knife stabs – the woman videotaped the bloody deed with her mobile phone

A man (56) killed his wife (†35) with 19 knife stabs on an August morning in 2020 in Geilenkirchen ( North Rhine-Westphalia). On Tuesday, the Aachen Regional Court sentenced the defendant to life imprisonment for murder.

The wife had videotaped the knife attack with her mobile phone. She died on the balcony where she had fled from the flat on the second floor. The Afghan couple had married in an arranged marriage, and their son was at school at the time of the attack.The man was initially charged with manslaughter. But the court came to the conclusion that the wife was unsuspecting and the attack was insidious. The woman was alone with the man and had no chance to defend herself.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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