Germany: Turk makes anti-Semitic insult to a kippa-wearing Jew in the street – A public prosecutor dropped the case

Ben-Raffael G. (53) is Jewish and can be recognised as a Jew by his velvet kippa. With the kippah on his head, he came to the Hamburg District Court in St. Georg on Tuesday – to meet a suspected Jew-hater in person.

But the Turk (48), charged with insult, chickened out! “I’ve been waiting for this trial for almost three years now,” said G. “If someone insults me, one should also admit to it.”

What happened? At the beginning of 2018, G. was standing on the street Mundsburger Damm when he heard the words “Fucking Jew” coming out of a van.

G.: “‘I’ll report you’, I shouted, then the driver shouted: ‘You are murderers, your people!'”

Does he often witness this kind of thing? G.: “Yes. I even had my kippa knocked off my head in the street Lange Reihe.”

G. took photos of the car and licence plate, even had witnesses.

You would think that would suffice. But it turned out otherwise: “The public prosecutor’s office dropped the case. They said there was no sufficient suspicion. That’s when I hired a lawyer.”

He successfully appealed. The next trial is scheduled for April. The accused will then be brought before the court.

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