Germany: Syrian hires compatriots to brutally assault his pregnant girlfriend with the aim of killing the unborn child

It is an outrageous case that the Hamburg police are investigating. They are investigating a 26-year-old man who allegedly tried to forcibly induce the miscarriage of his underage girlfriend’s child. To this end, the man staged assaults in which the expectant mother was severely abused.

The offences only came to light after the young woman made a statement to the police that incriminated the man. The child has since been born and is healthy.

The first assault on the then 17-year-old occurred as early as autumn 2019. The young woman had told Ahmad H. that she was pregnant. What she apparently did not know was that the man, who is now 26 years old, did not want to be a father under any circumstances.The first “assault” happened during a walk together in a park in the Hamburg district of Billstedt in October 2019. Ahmad H. had been talking on the mobile phone in Arabic. Shortly afterwards, a man appeared who punched the then 17-year-old girl in the face out of the blue, pulled her jacket over her head, grabbed the legs of the woman lying on the ground, pulled her up and kicked her several times in the stomach.At the time, Ahmad H. still pretended to chase the perpetrator who fled shortly afterwards. No charges were filed with the police after the assault. An examination at the time had shown that the child in the womb had not been harmed.

In April, the second crime was committed. Again it happened during a walk in Blohm’s Park on the street Horner Landstraße. This time the man had lured his girlfriend into the park under the pretext of buying a mobile phone. Ahmad H. was again talking on the phone in Arabic, shortly afterwards a man appeared.

As in the first assault, he punched the young woman in the face. Again, the expectant mother, who was already eight months pregnant, had a jacket pushed in her face, her legs pulled up and kicked several times in the stomach.After the perpetrator had fled, Ahmad H. inflicted cuts on himself, according to the state of the investigation. Then the police were called.

The man claimed to the officers that he and his girlfriend had been victims of a robbery. The young woman was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital. Her child was born there the next day by emergency Caesarean section. It is healthy.

Afterwards the woman realised that the robberies could not have been a coincidence. The police were already investigating the matter. During questioning, however, the 26-year-old denied all accusations.Finally, shortly before Christmas, Ahmad H. admitted to the victim that he had arranged the robberies. The Syrian allegedly paid two compatriots for the attacks. Investigators assume that he himself had also kicked the young woman during the staged robberies, after her jacket had been pulled over her face and she could no longer see anything.

The man also threatened the young mother to harm her if she told the police about his confession to her and that he would have to go to prison because of it. Investigators only became aware of this at the beginning of January. They immediately obtained a warrant for the man’s arrest on grounds of danger of collusion.

The 26-year-old is now in custody. One of the two accomplices could be identified in the meantime. Whether he possibly committed both robberies or whether there is actually another person involved is to be clarified by further investigations by the police.Both men will have to stand trial for dangerous bodily harm and attempted abortion against the mother’s will. They face prison sentences of several years, also because of the particular brutality of the crimes.

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