Germany: Muslim fake doctor was an administrator of a Corona vaccination centre and worked for an aid organisation in a refugee tent city

The Red Cross district association in Hagen, which is in charge together with the city and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, has now dismissed this coordinator for its non-medical staff at the facility. According to the Red Cross, this measure became necessary because police and public prosecutor’s investigations were initiated against this person. This concerns a pending criminal charge for falsifying a licence to practise medicine.The decisions of the alleged psychiatrist and emergency physician regarding personnel have all been questioned again in the meantime and even investigated by the police.According to information from the editorial office, the same impostor had already attracted attention in 2015 when he worked for an aid organisation in a refugee tent city and appeared there as a qualified psychologist without the appropriate qualifications. It is not yet clear whether charges were brought at that time or whether they parted amicably. At least the man’s police clearance certificate does not contain a corresponding entry. /

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