Bosnian arrested with live hand grenade in backpack at Cologne Central Station

A drunk 19-year-old man was caught with a live hand grenade at Cologne Central Station. Officers of the Federal Police controlled the Bosnian on Saturday night and arrested him. Experts classified the condition of the grenade as “live”. The man, who initially could not identify himself and had a blood alcohol level of one per thousand at the time of the check, is said to have carried the weapon “ready to hand” in his backpack, the Federal Police announced.During interrogation, the man said that he had recently found the grenade on a meadow during a holiday in Bosnia and had taken it with him. According to reports, the investigators consider this statement to be credible, and the 19-year-old is now at large again. The police in Bielefeld searched the accused’s flat there, but did not find any other prohibited items.The grenade was confiscated and is now being thoroughly examined by the Federal Police’s defusing unit in Sankt Augustin. According to the police, the grenade is of Yugoslavian design and was used in the war there in the 1990s. The 19-year-old is now being prosecuted for violating the War Weapons Control Act.

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