Ukraine releases bombshell information on Biden today!

I have no idea if this information is valid. I haven’t even watched it yet. I am posting it in case it is, and because it will likely be removed immediately if it has any truth to it that is damaging to the illicit Biden regime.

Please watch and comment. If it is real garbage we will remove it.

The following analysis of the video above is from Nash Montana who tells us:

The video is just over an hour long, but well worth the time to watch. The recordings of Joe Biden talking to the Ukraine leader especially.

The documentation incriminating US officials, the whole US Embassy, and US banking houses, involved in the corruption and cover-up should be no surprise.

Here’s a high level gist of the Press Conference (and yes, they have witnesses – now in protective custody, documents, bank accounts, transfers, receipt, and yes recorded calls and video- they don’t share it all but give you an idea as to what they have):

First they outline the scheme used to launder money via Ukraine’s energy sector primarily Natural Gas (Burisma) and coal (another company). Poreshneko (corrupt Ukraine Pres, previous Pres) had an elaborate system of shadow businesses and accounts used to pass the money along (this is where the witnesses come from- they were involved in other countries and turned over computers). They, Burisma, used Hunter Biden and Devin Archers influence on the board to strong arm consolidation of the gas market in Ukraine. Used propaganda to sell to the Ukraine people that….wait for it…gas and coal from Pennsylvania, and two other non US entities were going to wipe them out. This allowed the to considerate and artificially raise prices. This then allowed Poreshenko to artificially raise energy tariffs. HIs people then took that extra money and moved it around. It eventually ended up in the pockets who helped them- for the US they mention Obama officials generically and explicitly with Hunter Biden and Devin Archer- they have the documents that track the money back to the 83,333.33 payments (which the protected informant shared caused him to come clean- he wants nothing to do with that- he thought he was just laundering Ukrainian / Russian stolen goods). They tie to three major US companies- Citibank (name the CEO directly in the chart), Morgan Stanley (not CEO), and Seneca Holdings (Joe and Hunter’s company). They lay it all out.

Next they outline the money laundering schemes involving US Foreign Aid- laundered similarly but with different players in different government agencies but the same actors outside that move the money. This includes the scheme to fire the prosecutor (remember Joey B- and damn it, they fired him). Well, we learn all about the involvement of George Kent, the women…I can’t remember her name, and the Charge de’Affairs. The US embassy via these people (and Mnchin believe it or not) were running the Ukrainian Prosecutors office via mandates and money pressure. They, the Obama Embassy people, then put the plan in place to ensure only those vetted through them were hired to replace those requested to be fired by Joey B- the individual presenting said- the US interfered in Ukrainian government operations including interfering in the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity in Ukraine- which violates international law. They mention George Kent specifically being an international criminal now, and tie in the old Charge de’Affairs and the new lady- they mention her name at the end but it slips my mind. Crazy….this is very high level and covered in more detail in the press conference.

They have Biden on the phone (they only share parts but its’ obvious they are talking about the laundering scheme). A few are from 2016 in November- Biden just craps all over Trump saying he and his transition team are a bunch of fools and thus he doesn’t need to brief them (i think purposely set up to prevent sharing info) and so he is still good, they continue with the plan. Then another call btwn Biden and Poreshenko in 2017 (yep, he’s no longer VP- one of several calls they state that happened after he was out of office) Joe Biden re-assures Poreshenko that he is still in and the operation is still good to continue (I’m paraphrasing)- along with Joey B giving himself fellatio and doing the same to Poreshenko- the self admiration is over the top btwn the two. Disgusting.

Oh and Biden calls then President-Elect Trump “a bad dog chasing cars down the road” and they giggle.

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