No further information on shootout in Berlin in which four were injured

A shooting broke out in Berlin Kreuzberg on the morning of Boxing Day. At least four people were injured, among other things by gunshots, according to official statements. The police reported four injured people. The fire department said that three seriously injured people had been brought to the hospital. A homicide squad has taken over the investigation.

According to the Bild newspaper, the shooting took place at around 4 am not far from the SPD headquarters, around the Möckernbrücke underground station, which is located directly on the Landwehr Canal.

The police searched the bushes on the bank with flashlights and blocked the surrounding areas. Heavily armed police officers appeared to be looking for other people involved in the shooting. A helicopter was also used. One of the injured had to be pulled from the Landwehr Canal.

So far the police have not disclosed any information about who fired the shots. The situation is currently unclear, a police spokeswoman told the news agency dpa. Information on how many people shot could not be given either. According to the police, there is no evidence of a political motive, the spokeswoman said. The crime scene is apparently in a gate entrance on Stresemannstrasse, as a photographer from the news agency dpa reported.

Berlin has experienced repeated violence between criminal Arab clans. Many belong to the Arabic Mhallami ethnic group from East Anatolia, Turkey. Scholar Ralph Ghadban, says for these Arab clans,  Germany is seen as simply a society to take from.

Recently there was an attack by about a dozen men on an apartment and a car in the Kreuzberg district after a 29-year-old was hit by bullets.

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