Germany: Corona measures has not stopped human trafficking

The police in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt have been complaining about more and more asylum seekers being smuggled into the country by trucks. The perpetrators are organized gangs who open trucks in Eastern Europe, allow their clients in and apparently re-seal their cargo with original seals. The drivers are often not aware of their passengers.

The illegal passengers carry mobile phones with them, and their GPS function tells them where they are.

These facts – although the information comes from the German police – have never been reported in Germany even though the illegals end up in Germany. Instead, the Moscow-based international news agency Rossiya Segodnya has been reporting on the matter.

Germans now apparently also have to turn to Russia in order to find out what’s happening in their country. According to the report, German investigators have not been able to dismantle the smuggling network. Corona sadly, does not seem to be preventing this kind of travel.

“According to the Federal Police, there were 389 operations against truck smuggling nationwide from January to October, during which 4204 people were apprehended. A total of 29 117 illegally entered people traveling to Germany, France or Great Britain were registered nationwide during this period.”

The smuggled people are not to be envied either: If the smugglers choose the wrong truck, they are threatened with suffocation – or they freeze to death.

The Federal Police Department Magdeburg recently discovered four Afghans aged 15, 16, 19 and 22 in a trailer which was fully loaded with engine oil. During the interrogations, the young Afghans made detailed statements about their trip. They had traveled from their home country via Iran, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia to Romania.

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