France: Muslim threatened and beaten up by Muslims for celebrating Christmas together with his family

A young Muslim man was beaten up in France for celebrating Christmas with his family and posting pictures of it on the internet. The 20-year-old Nabil from the eastern French town of Belfort was first insulted and threatened by an acquaintance via the online network Snapchat. The classmate wrote to him that he was “shocked” that Nabil celebrated Christmas being a Muslim.Nabil had previously published photos of the family dinner that he had with his mother and stepfather on the internet. Nabil’s parents are also police officers, which is another reason why he was attacked online. Because of the photos, the school and football colleague threatened him: “I’ll show you what a real Arab is.” When he then wanted to meet the young man to discuss the matter, he was ambushed and physically attacked by a total of five men. Before leaving the injured Nabil behind, they told him to expect the worst if he told anyone about the incident or should he go to the police.When he returned home later, the 20-year-old, whose face was bleeding and covered with bruises, nevertheless reported the incident to the police. Because of the text message, the attacker was quickly identified and arrested. During his interrogation, he still expressed ” being shocked” that Nabil had posted the pictures of the Christmas dinner online and said: “It’s not the Muslim way to celebrate Christmas.”The regional president of Grand Est, Jean Rottner, was appalled by the incident. On Twitter, he spoke of an “unacceptable aggression” that was caused by “racism and hatred towards the police”. The young man was also attacked on the internet because his parents are police officers.Nabil’s mother later said that her son had to “pay for his origin”, but especially for being the son of two policemen. Such racist and divisive behaviour is not tolerable in the 21st century, she said.

2 thoughts on “France: Muslim threatened and beaten up by Muslims for celebrating Christmas together with his family

  1. To paraphrase – “Such racism and divisisment should not be tolerated in the 21st century” is an admirable and one would think logical sentiment in civilized societies. It is too late for that now I’m afraid. You’ve (as a collective society) seen this type of conflict coming and yet did nothing. You (as a collective society) have allowed yourselves to be cowed by SJW’s, political correctness and fear of standing up for yourselves and are now second class citizens of your own country all the while your elected officials hobble law enforcement and seek to put the blame on you for your plight. I can’t for the life of me see this turning around back to a lawful and orderly society. I’m afraid this will only get worse with no respite.


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