Germany: Muslim pushes his pregnant wife onto the railway tracks

Because he pushed his pregnant wife into the track bed in Pirna and kidnapped her children in order to force the wife to have an abortion, Wais S. (25) is sentenced to prison. The Pirna District Court sentenced the Syrian to 14 months in prison.

As reported, in August Wais had an argument at Pirna suburban train station with Iman A. (28), to whom he was married according to Islamic law.

He wanted her to abort their baby. Because she refused, Wais pushed Iman into the track bed, grabbed the children and disappeared with them.

“I was not to see them again until I had an abortion,” said the child’s mother in court, who separated from Wais.

After many phone calls to his family, Wais did bring the children back hours later, but threatened Iman with a knife and even threatened to kill them all the next day.

The accused remained silent about all the accusations.

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