Germany: Because he caught the shoplifter Mohammed, the shop owner now has to pay a 2000 euro fine

Let me summarise:
Asylum seeker steals expensive designer jeans. He even wears one of the stolen jeans quite brazenly when he comes into the shop again.
The shop owner runs after him and confronts him. Mohammed A. (24) is on the verge of tears. He allegedly had been drugged. He said he couldn’t breathe. (Does this sentence sound familiar to anyone?!).
In his defence, he says he didn’t have had the money for the expensive jeans. (I don’t have money for expensive designer jeans either).
Conclusion: The shop owner has to pay him 2,000 euros for pain and suffering.

Banana Republic of Germany

By the way, anyone who suffers damage at the hands of an asylum seeker in Germany has to pay the damages. It doesn’t matter whether it’s vandalism to cars, as often happens, or stolen trousers (if damaged). Since those men are usually without financial means, the damage is not compensated.

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