Germany: Afghan slaughtered his wife in front of her five children

Now his children are heavily incriminating him. But Abdull Hamid M. (39 years old), who allegedly killed the mother of his five children (8 months, 4, 6, 7 and 9 years old) with seven stabs with a knife in a block of flats in Freiberg in May, denies it. On Monday, the verdict was given: nine years imprisonment for manslaughter!

During the trial at the Chemnitz Regional Court, the children’s social workers and carers testified about their descriptions of the bloody deed.

“Dad killed mum with the knife,” one of the children told them.

In the course of conversations, the children acted out the events of the evening of May 19 and demonstrated where the father had injured their mother Mariam (†33).

According to the caregivers, only one of the boys had initially claimed that his mother had hurt herself. Later, however, this child had also confided in his foster father that his biological father, i.e. the defendant, had threatened him and had drummed this version into his head.

The social workers unanimously reported that the children are traumatised and plagued by nightmares.

Abdull Hamid M., who had worked as a police officer in Afghanistan for eleven years, stabbed his wife at least seven times with a kitchen knife during an argument. The woman was fatally injured.

In the trial before the Chemnitz Regional Court, the 39-year-old claimed that he had never stabbed his wife. Rather, the 33-year-old woman had grabbed a knife during an argument in the flat and stabbed her in the stomach “as if she were out of her mind”.Contrary to initial plans, the defence decided on Monday not to interview the children in court and withdrew a corresponding motion. The children were thus spared a testimony.

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