2,000 Muslim girls in Germany undergoing genital mutilation: The Minister for Family Affairs deceives the public with far too low figures on the girls concerned

A recent survey by the TaskForce of the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in the German Federal States on the number of female patients with genital mutilation (diagnosis code Z91.7) reveals the following facts:

In 2019, almost 2,000 female patients were diagnosed with genital mutilation requiring treatment. This is almost 40% more than in 2016, when around 1,300 of these diagnoses were made.
Nearly 200 of the diagnosed victims were underage girls, half of them younger than 12.
In total, more than 530 underage girls have been diagnosed with female genital mutilation (FGM) since 2016, of which 250 were younger than 12 and more than 100 were even younger than five.

These figures refer exclusively to girls and women who received outpatient care from panel doctors. Genital mutilations detected in the course of inpatient stays in hospitals or in the course of private medical treatment are not recorded here.

“What we see from these figures is only the tip of the iceberg and constitutes perhaps 2% to 5% of the actual victims of mutilation living in our country, because a complete data collection is not wanted by those politically responsible,” says TaskForce founder Ines Laufer.Only last month, the TaskForce revealed how Franziska Giffey and her Family Ministry are underestimating the problem of genital mutilation in Germany and deceiving the public with figures that are far too low.

According to the Task Force’s estimates, there are more than 20,000 underage girls at high risk who come from high-risk countries with a mutilation rate of more than 75%, e.g. Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Mali, Somalia and many more. The mutilation is carried out in the countries of origin, but increasingly also in Germany.

“The survey result shows that hundreds of underage mutilation victims are indeed being identified by doctors, but – and this is de facto a real scandal – without criminal consequences for the family members who usually act as abettors,” Ines Laufer discusses. This is the direct consequence of the politically intended policy of protecting perpetrators, which for decades has prevented the medical profession, among others, from reporting these acts of violence to the investigating authorities.For over a decade, the TaskForce has called for simple yet effective comprehensive state protection measures for all girls at risk, such as regular medical checks and the introduction of mandatory medical reporting to law enforcement authorities when FGM is detected among underage victims.But while the taxpayer is made to pay for completely failed, ineffective ” information campaigns”, the federal government and parliamentarians still refuse to fulfil their mandate to protect girls who are specifically at risk, and the question arises how long the public will put up with this. Politicians are reluctant to protect girls effectively. In fact, there is a Muslim special right that one no longer dares to take action against. Feminists try very hard to look the other way because criticism of the mutilation of girls could be interpreted as criticism of immigration and Islam.This paves the way for the immigration of stone-age practices and torture from culturally backward countries to Germany.


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