Germany: Turkish family clan storms intensive care unit of a hospital and threatens doctors there

A head doctor is still stunned two days after the incidents at Prosper Hospital in Recklinghausen.The hospital gave two relatives of a Turkish patient who died in the intensive care unit as a result of a corona infection the opportunity to pay their final condolences.

But things turned out differently: “17 relatives arrived and gained access to the intensive care unit by force,” the head physician continues to report. “They blamed doctors and nurses for the death of their relatives, insulted the staff, threatened them and took photos.” The medical staff finally had to call the police to help them deal with the situation: “We are still shocked and are considering filing a criminal complaint.”

According to reports, the threats were so serious that one of the attending doctors did not dare to leave the building after the end of her shift: she asked her husband to pick her up at the back entrance.”Every death is stressful for our staff anyway, if you have cared for a Corona patient with great effort for a fortnight beforehand,” says the head physician. But if you are then insulted and attacked in a violent manner, almost as a reward for your work, this threatens to affect the motivation of the staff, which is “still very high”, as the head physician says.

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