Germany: The baker Khalid O. runs amok with a knife and stabs three men

Three court officers to guard him, shackles on his hands and feet. This is how Khalid O. (25 years old) was brought to his trial at the Dresden Regional Court. The baker is accused of three counts of attempted manslaughter. The man from Eritrea had literally run amok with knives in Gorbitz in April.Around nine a. m., the police went to the high-rise buildings at Amalie-Dietrich-Platz square. In number 9, the police officers found a seriously injured man on the sixth floor.According to the indictment, Khalid had stabbed his compatriot after a quarrel that lasted for days, also attacked and injured another one, then fled into the neighbouring building.While the police and ambulance were treating the first victims, Khalid broke into another neighbouring house on the second floor.When the man awoke, he was attacked by the perpetrator with the words “I’ll kill you like the others”.

In panic, according to the prosecution, the victim jumped out of the window. Afterwards, Khalid literally ran into the police, was arrested and has been in custody ever since.

The police officers also recognised him: they had released Khalid, who had a criminal record, from custody only hours before …Khalid O. has apparently not calmed down since then. Another charge has already been brought before the magistrate. For assaulting fellow inmates and staff in the Dresden prison. In the meantime, the unruly baker has even been transferred to a prison in another federal state. He remains silent on the charges. Sentence to follow.

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