Austria: Syrian set attack dog on chained sheep and recorded the perverse crime to upload it to Instagram

In June, Upper Austrian Instagram users raised the alarm: they discovered a video on which a sadistic animal torturer had a sheep bitten to death by his dog. Later he tortured another sheep – allegedly for the number of hits on Instagram. The culprit is a 24-year-old Syrian from Linz. Tomorrow morning he is to be brought to trial.The 24-year-old Syrian rode with his American Staffordshire Terrier from Linz to Gramastetten. On a sheep pasture he finally grabbed one of the animals and tied its legs with cable ties. Then he set his attack dog onto the defenceless sheep.He arranged for the sadistic torture martyrdom to be recorded by a friend. He set the dog onto the animal until the dog finally bit that animal to death and later uploaded the video to Instagram. But that was not the end of the torture. The Syrian, who is also said to have regularly beaten and tortured his dog, wanted to torture even more animals.

Another sheep was to be the victim of his torture. Again the Syrian tied it up with cable ties. Then he threw himself on the tied sheep and slid down an embankment, as if the poor animal was a sledge. It is not known whether the second sheep survived the torture.

On Thursday morning, the 24-year-old Syrian and his friend, who is also 24 years old and who recorded the perverse scenes, will have to stand trial in Linz. They face up to two years in prison.

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