A woman is raped every ten hours in Berlin – The majority of perpetrators have an immigration background

Not every crime is reported to the police. But even so, on average a rape is reported every ten hours in Berlin. Last year the police recorded 871 victims. Twelve of them were under 14 years old, 19 over 60 years old.

Of the 561 suspects, one child was not even of criminal age and 17 suspects were close to retirement age or older, according to an enquiry by the AfD party to the Senate of the Interior.

And: 51 suspects are in the group of 14 to 18 years of age, the majority of 156 in the 30 to 40 age group.An analysis of the crime scenes shows that by far the most rapes are committed in buildings (386) – on the street or pavement (26), allotment gardens (3), in the forest (2), by the lake (2), in underground or suburban railway stations (2), in the fairground (1).

Of the 561 suspects, 256 were foreigners, not including migrants with German passports.

The phenomenon of rape by gang rape is apparently on the rise: the previous peak of gang rape was in 2014 (82 cases), in 2019 it will rise to 94.


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