“You stupid German” – Three Muslim migrants beat a tram passenger to a pulp

The friends Munthar A. (32 years old), Bassem B. (25 years old) and Ali Z. (36 years old) beat up a man from Dresden (43 years old). They were given suspended sentences at Dresden local court.Since August the two Tunisians and the Iraqi have been in custody. According to the prosecution they had shortly before been looking for a victim in the tram line 2. At about 09.30 pm they all travelled in the direction of the Dresden district of Gorbitz.

The perpetrators mobbed the victim, tried to provoke with sentences like “You stupid German”. At the Karcherallee stop, the Dresdener got off in a frightened manner, although he actually wanted to drive on.

The three men followed the drunk man (over three per thousand) and beat him. Witnesses called the police, who searched for the perpetrators while the victim was in hospital. According to the prosecution, Munthar, Bassem and Ali even stole two mobile phones.

However, it was difficult to prove this because the devices were not found among the arrested persons later on. One was later found in the Great Garden Park.

What remained, however, was the punishable bodily injury, which was admitted by the accused. The judge sentenced all three of them to twelve months in prison. The sentence was suspended on probation.


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