Austria: Asylum seekers made a video of an alleged execution the day after the bloody Islamist terrorist attack in Vienna

Six young Afghan asylum seekers made a video showing an alleged execution in the park of Pottendorf Castle (Baden district) the day after the attack in Vienna. Mayor Thomas Sabbata-Valteiner ( Social Democratic Party of Austria) witnessed the shooting on November 3 and filed charges, the daily newspaper “Heute” reported on Thursday. According to the police, no weapons were used in the ” recreated scene”. The video had been seized, the executive stated upon request. The State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism (LVT) is currently investigating the content. The motives and backgrounds of the youths aged between 14 and 17 are still unclear, the recording still has to be translated. Only then could it be determined whether a criminal offence had been committed.According to “Heute”, the teenagers declared that such clips were “completely normal” in their culture and that it was a joke. Norbert Hofer, chairman of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), detected a ridiculing of the victims of the attack in Vienna and demanded that the people involved as well as their parents be deported: “This culture that the teenagers are referring to has no place in our country. Anyone who considers such things funny and “shares such scenarios on video in social networks has no place in our society”.”Today’s fake execution is tomorrow’s terrorist attack”, said Gottfried Waldhäusl, member of Lower Austria’s FPÖ state parliament, about the recording. The man from the Waldviertel also demanded “immediate deportations” and also put his finger on the asylum accommodation in Drasenhofen (Mistelbach district), where he had caused a great stir almost exactly two years ago. The accommodation “scandalised by do-gooders without common sense” was ” meant for just such cases of young asylum seekers”.At the end of November 2018, there was a commotion over Waldhäusl after he had young refugees placed behind barbed wire in an asylum quarter in Drasenhofen because he accused them of being “notorious troublemakers”.

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