Muslim political scientist compares raid against Islamists in Austria to the Nazis’ “Reichskristallnacht” (Crystal night)

The Salzburg political scientist who was targeted by the authorities as part of “Operation Luxor” against the Muslim Brotherhood has linked the raids to the November pogroms.In an online article for an NGO of the Georgetown University, he criticises that the raids took place on the anniversary of the so-called Kristallnacht (Crystal night). Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Susanne Raab and Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer (both from the Austrian People’s Party ÖVP) criticised the statements.For the political scientist, the Austrian government is already heading in a totalitarian direction, as he wrote on the page of the Islamophobia campaign – not only by criminalising Islam, but also by trying to ban freedom of expression. The attempt to make political Islam a criminal offence undermines the credibility of the commemorations of the “Kristallnacht”, the scientist argues.”This outrageous comparison belittles the terrible crimes of National Socialism and equates them with the legitimate and necessary fight against extremism,” Raab said in a statement to the news agency APA. For Nehammer, equating the November pogrom “with the legitimate and determined engagement against radical political Islam” is not only completely distasteful, “but rather an expression of an anti-democratic attitude”.The Muslim theologian Mouhanad Khorchide also expressed his dismay in the newspaper “Neues Volksblatt”: “How can one equate the beginning of the murder of millions of Jews with a raid?

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