Germany: Ex-wife beaten with a pipe because she does not want to go back to Iraq

One year probationary prison sentence was imposed on the wife-beater Hassan ldris H. on Thursday at the Dresden district court. (39 years old) – for serious, dangerous bodily injury.

The then nine-year-old son had to witness the attack.

While the Iraqi denied everything: “I didn’t do this”, the victim Shivar B. had at the time testified to the police and the investigating judge.

According to the police report, her ex had disowned her according to Islamic custom. “He wanted me to go back to Iraq.” But because she refused “because of the shame” and fear of her relatives, Hassan probably wanted to “solve the problem in a different way”.

But in court, 30-year-old Shivar B. suddenly refused to testify. “I no longer have a problem with him.”

For Judge Harald Römmelt (52 years old) the case was nevertheless proven. Sentence: one year in prison on probation – by the way, for H. this means that he must now expect deportation – theoretically.

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