German authorities allow a dangerous Islamist to leave for Sudan

Saxony-Anhalt’s most notorious Islamist extremist perpetrator, the 19-year-old Syrian Ayman N., has left for Sudan.

This was confirmed by the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) and the General Prosecutor’s Office to the newspaper MZ on Friday. The terror suspect previously lived in Friedersdorf (Anhalt-Bitterfeld), was permanently guarded by police forces and wore an electronic tag.

According to MZ information, the surveillance measures had so far amounted to around five million euros. Proceedings are currently underway against the perpetrator at the Berlin Court of Appeal, further investigations are being conducted by the Naumburg Public Prosecutor General’s Office.N. is said to have tried to make contact with like-minded people in Germany as early as 2015. He is regarded by the authorities as an IS sympathiser. In the ongoing terror proceedings in Berlin, one of the cases is that he had the construction plan of an AK47 assault rifle ordered.He is also reported to have made enquiries about the construction of explosive belts. To date, the investigations against N. have been continuously expanded. As recently as June 2020, there had been another raid, Klaus Tewes, spokesman of the Attorney General’s Office in Naumburg, confirmed to the MZ on Friday. “There may be more serious crimes in question.”Behind the scenes, security authorities in Saxony-Anhalt are breathing a sigh of relief that N. voluntarily left the state this week. “We have agreed”, said Tewes for the Attorney General’s Office. According to MZ information, this is also the opinion of the experts at the State Criminal Police Office. According to authorities, the man has the freedom to travel. Ayman N. travelled to Sudan via Turkey. According to MZ information, the German state paid for his ticket and visa. The departure of the dangerous man was coordinated nationwide by security authorities. In cases like these, people leaving the country are usually refused entry. This is not the first case in which German authorities have proceeded accordingly.Furthermore, prosecutors in Saxony-Anhalt obviously do not expect a severe punishment in the current proceedings before the Higher Regional Court, as the Islamist was still a youth at the time of the accused crimes. The concrete accusations against him did not even suffice for an arrest warrant. The newspaper Volksstimme was the first to report on his voluntary departure to Sudan.However, the proceedings against N. are not closed when he leaves the country. “We will continue the new investigations, that is as sure as eggs in the basket”, said Tewes. A new charge against Ayman N. and a new arrest warrant are possible. In case of a new arrival, authorities would then take the Islamist into custody.Interior politicians in Saxony-Anhalt welcomed the departure to a large extent. “I think this is absolutely correct”, said Social Democratic Member of Parliament Rüdiger Erben. Permission to leave the country had been a difficult question.”The investigators have been struggling with this case for years – but in the end there is a danger of a rude awakening in court and the man will be released immediately.It would be better for the security of the Federal Republic of Germany if this dangerous man were at “the greatest possible distance”. Chris Schulenburg, Christian Democratic Party (CDU) politician for domestic affairs, said about the N. case: “We wish you a nice voyage and hope we never see you again!AfD faction leader Oliver Kirchner sees things differently. The state should have been waiting for a court ruling, “so that the man would serve his sentence”. Kirchner criticised the high costs of monitoring dangerous persons. He called for “preventive detention” for Islamist perpetrators suspected of committing serious crimes. “For this, perhaps the law would also have to be changed,” said Kirchner.

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