Swiss ‘colleagues’ of the Vienna jihadist arrested

Clearly, the Vienna jihadist could count on an extensive network to support him. Two of his accomplices were arrested in Switzerland.

A special unit of the Swiss police arrested two 18- and 24-year-old Swiss people in Winterthur on Tuesday afternoon. The two are said to have had close contact with the 20-year-old jihadist from Vienna. The arrest was made in coordination with the Austrian authorities.

The two suspects were arrested by a special police unit. As Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter said at a panel discussion of the St. Galler Tagblatts that the arrested were “colleagues” of the assassin. “The three men also met physically,” she was quoted in the online edition of the paper.

In the evening, the Federal Office of Police announced on Twitter that the two arrested persons were known to the authorities from terrorism proceedings of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. The exchange of information with the Austrian authorities and all national partners was in full swing.

In the course of several raids, 14 people around the 20-year-old were arrested in Austria on Tuesday. These people are currently being interrogated.

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