New York Times: “Role of Declaring the Winner of a Presidential Election Falls to the News Media”

The plan for a TV coup continues.

Here’s the New York Times…

In the United States — which, unlike many other countries, does not have a national electoral commission — the role of calling the winners of presidential elections falls to the news media. Here’s how it will work:


The United States has an Electoral College, a House of Representatives, and a Senate.

At no point in time did the United States Constitution designate the “news media” to call the winners of presidential elections. Unlike some European countries, there’s no law preventing the New York Times, me, or the crazy homeless guy who throws peaches at passing trucks from doing so. Both Hubert and the New York Times have equal legal standing for their calls.

The media putting forward a claim of who won the election is no different than it putting forward a claim as to whether the runner was safe or not. It’s not a role. It’s audience opinion.

Except for the part where Big Tech has decided to treat the media’s calls as authoritative and ban anyone else from contracting it, giving the media the same status on elections as WHO has on the pandemic.

Seriously, do we need to pass a law now to stop the media from calling elections, because this is a coup. 

And Biden’s people are telling the media that they’re going to rely on the media’s calls for the Democrat candidate to declare victory and begin announcing appointments, as if the Electoral College and the voters had been replaced by CNN and the New York Times.

This is not how America is run. It’s not how it’s going to be run.

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