Prepping for the Riots

Just like during the worst of the Black Lives Matter riots, the plywood is going up over store windows in cities across America.

Well, certain cities. 

You’ll find the plywood being stacked in New York, Los Angeles, and Philly. In the bluest of blue areas. Despite all the harping on “right-wing violence”, there’s little question whom storekeepers are worried about. Yes some Boogaloo Bois, occupying the intersection between militant anti-government politics, the alt-right, apocalyptic cults, internet culture, and Black Lives Matter may have some minimal impact. And in a few places, Proud Boys may end up sparring with Antifa. But that’s not why all that plywood is going up.

And everyone knows it.

The Weimar America stuff is, at least for now, sideshow theater meant for Twitter and more obscure platforms. The fringe won’t feed large scale riots. Only the Democrat base that showed up en masse for the riots wrecking entire cities is capable of doing that kind of damage with the media acting as the cheering section for the rioters.

Everyone knows it, but few outside conservative circles dare say it.

Store owners, many of them Democrats, in New York, Los Angeles, Philly, and big blue cities, aren’t worried about mass riots by Trump supporters. They are worried that the anti-Trump Democrats (calling them Biden supporters would be misleading) will be so violently furious if Trump wins or doesn’t immediately lose that they will smash and grab. And they know that if these people win, the violence will continue. The plywood is also a vote. It may not be cast directly in an election, but it is a form of electioneering that makes the issue in the election abundantly clear.

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