Muslim exorcists kill 22-year-old Berlin woman – allowed to walk out of court as a free man

In Berlin, an Islamic scholar, a hodja and three other Muslims are on trial. They are said to have given salt water to a young woman until she died after an ordeal lasting several days. Background: The 22-year-old woman did not bear children to her husband for four years. The hodja concluded that she was possessed by the devil. And the devil was to be cast out with the “salt water cure”. This was reported in the “Bild” newspaper.

The hearing of evidence brought to light some macabre facts:

The husband, the parents of the young woman and the hodja guarded the 22-year-old alternately. Initially she drank the salt water, which damages the organs and the brain, herself. When she was no longer physically able to do so, the four defendants assisted her. The Hodja read verses from the Koran.

Every cinema-goer who has seen “Mutiny on the Bounty”, for example, knows that people die if they drink too much salt water. Moreover, the body resists its absorption. It takes a considerable amount of ignorance and criminal energy to torture a person for days and kill them by pouring salt water into the body. Anyone who assumes that a “salt water cure” is harmless and can cast out the devil is obviously not really mentally in the 21st century.The Berlin judiciary, however, grants the defendants a cultural privilege: All four are at large. Imagine the outcry in politics and the mass media if this were to be the treatment of German defendants suspected of having caused the death of a human being in a cruel way!

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