Germany: Syrian pulls a knife and rapes 13-year-old girl

On Monday, Saoud A. (20 years old) had to answer to the Dresden district court. Two years ago, he allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl on the street Hochschulstraße.

The accusations of the public prosecutor’s office are serious: on October 2, 2018, the Syrian is said to have pulled a knife in the flat of the then 13-year-old and asked her to undress.

Out of fear, the child obeyed. Saoud is also said to have undressed, pushed her onto the couch and raped her.

The current trainee mechanic did not want to let the accusations go uncommented. However, the public was excluded from the trial.

After all, he had previously confessed to driving a BMW car illegally on Leipziger Street – he did not possess a driving licence.

“I was driving,” he confirmed. “My friends wanted us to go for a drive. I drove them into town and came back alone. That was the one and only time I did!”

After a more than four hours, the trial was suspended for the time being. Saoud A.’s defence lawyer filed a bias petition against the judge…

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