Germany: Gambian slits the throat of 22-year-old German

Germany is shaken up every day in different ways by new “ethnically diverse individual acts”. And it is no longer different in the leftwing SPD-ruled, anti-German Karlsruhe.

On Wednesday morning, a 32-year-old Gambian attacked a German in the city. The murder weapon was a beer bottle, which the African not only used to strike with, but also to slit open the victim’s throat.

The act took place in the bus stop area of ​​Karlsruhe main station. There the Gambian hit the 22-year-old on the head several times until the bottle broke. In the further course of the attack, the victim is said to have been severely injured in the neck area.

Fortunately, the young man survived and was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. The African migrant was arrested and brought before the competent local court. The cause of the dispute was not given.

The war against native Germans has been going on in Karlsruhe for quite some time now and has been very effective. But city authorities remain more concerned about the well-being of foreign “enrichment” than about the fact that this city is no longer safe.

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