MSM inadvertently declare Trump the winner last night — by urging Biden to boycott next 2 scheduled debates

By Thomas Lifson

It’s crystal clear that the media branch of the Democrat party thinks that Joe Biden blew it last night and damaged his electoral prospects in the first of 3 scheduled debates with President Trump. There seems to be pretty widespread consensus on the left that when it comes to Biden, the less voters know about him by watching him in a presidential spotlight, the better.

Fox News has assembled a large number of calls on Biden to go back to his basement on the next two debate nights, October 15 and 22.

 CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer kicked off the network’s post-debate coverage by pondering about the future of the Trump-Biden face-offs.

“It will certainly raise a lot of questions … about the future of presidential debate between these two candidates. I wouldn’t be surprised, by the way, if this is the last presidential debate between the president of the United States and the former vice president of the United States,” Blitzer said.

At rabidly anti-Trump CNN, Blitzer had company:

“Should there be other debates?” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper asked. “The vice-presidential debate is next and there’s supposed to be two more debates.”

“I have to say I don’t think the country is going to be yearning for another one of these,” CNN analyst David Axelrod responded. “I think Biden has a decision to make.”

 MSNBC was not about to let CNN steal the no-more-debates show:

“This is a disgrace, a low point in American debate history. There is no reason, not one, that Joe Biden should participate in another debate,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tweeted. (snip)

Cancel the remaining debates,” former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said. “The debates are now a danger to public safety and a direct threat to Black life. Cancel the debates.”

Only one MSNBC commentator, former McCain campaign official Nicole Wallace, saw the downside of bugging out:

During MSNBC’s post-debate coverage, “ReidOut” host Joy Reid questioned her colleague Nicolle Wallace, who has worked on presidential campaigns in the past, if Biden should bother showing up to the next debate.

“If you were Joe Biden’s team, would you do another one?” Reid asked.

Wallace quickly answered that Biden needs to fulfill his commitment.

“Joe Biden has to go because you don’t stand up to a bully, who is trying to do whatever he’s doing, lift his leg and pee on our democracy, by not showing up and standing up to the bully,” Wallace said. “You stand there because you made a deal and you hold up your end of the deal.”

Lefty print journalists saw the downside of more debates worse than the downside of breaking a commitment:

The liberal magazine The Atlantic ran an op-ed with the headline “Cancel the debates.”

“Tonight was the first presidential debate of the 2020 election, and if there is any sense or mercy left in this nation, it will be the last, too,” Atlantic staff writer David Graham wrote. (snip)

Slate ran a similar piece with the headline “Cancel the Rest of the Debates.”

My own take is that Biden has almost no enthusiastic supporters. His support comes from people who hate Trump, many of them because of his abrasive style. They are not highly motivated, to say the least. Last night, Biden demonstrated that when it comes to rudeness, he is at least the equal of Donald Trump. So, if getting rid of rudeness is the motivation, there is no reason to bother voting for Biden.

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