Germany: Previously convicted Syrian for putting counterfeit money into circulation only sentenced to a ridiculous suspended sentence and community service

The district court of Freudenstadt sentenced a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Syria to a 16-month suspended sentence and 150 hours of community service. He had ordered counterfeit 50 and 200 euro bills in China.

In the course of the trial before the Court of lay assessors, the man had confessed more than the court had been able to prove. The case, which was just about to be judged a minor case, ended with a suspended sentence. Due to his full confession, the judge did not consider him a ” ice-cold, hardened gangster”. His offense is made noticeable by the fact that he has to serve a total of 150 community service hours. He agreed to the sentence.In January, the 21-year-old had ordered 20 fake 50 euro bills and another 200 euro bills via the app “Wish” in China, which he received in a traceable manner by evaluating his cell phone data. He went shopping with two of these fake 50s and was successful in one case, receiving a pack of cigarettes and the change. With the second attempt to procure cigarettes with the counterfeit money, the store owner became suspicious due to the missing silver lining and called the police.The young Syrian then left the store in a hurry, but could be caught on the basis of his fingerprints. According to his statement to the police, he claims to have burned the remaining banknotes. In court, however, he testified that he had given them to friends to destroy. The police investigator reported about increased number of incidents of this kind, where cheap replicas of euro notes with Chinese characters appeared. The man from Syria came as a 15-year-old alone with traffickers via Greece and Turkey to Germany. He speaks well German, but did not manage to graduate from a Freudenstadt educational institution. He had obtained the counterfeit money because he had no income at that time and the job center had blocked his payments because he had not participated in compulsory measures. For 14 days, he said, he had been working as a warehouse clerk in a mail order company in Lahr via a temporary employment agency.For counterfeiting and fraud, the prosecutor said, a prison sentence of up to five years was to be imposed. In favor of the accused his comprehensive confession was considered, incriminating for him were several previous convictions with a high recidivism rate, which he had committed as a juvenile.The accused was sentenced to one year and four months with probation, as demanded by the prosecutor. During the two-year probation period, he is placed under the supervision of a probation officer and must serve 150 hours of community service on weekends. He remains at large, so the argumentation of judge Jennifer Dallas-Buob – if nothing more happens.

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