Pforzheim: ‘International solidarity’ with criminals

In Pforzheim, a town in southwestern Germany, a completely normal accident recording degenerated into a riot on Saturday afternoon, with around 30 people expressing their spontaneous solidarity with an aggressive and violent Turk.

The atmosphere on site became heated and aggressive. A squad of seven patrol cars with a total of 14 police officers was necessary to get the gathering under control again.

In the Pforzheimer Lammstrasse, where the accident recording took place, an 18-year-old Turk met the officials. He disrupted their work and fell short of the distances prescribed by Corona measures. The young man became increasingly aggressive, refused to go through the identity check and hit a police officer, which resulted in minor injuries.

Meanwhile, more and more people showed solidarity with the Turk in order to abuse the emergency services. In the end, over 30 migrant onlookers had gathered, who loudly expressed their sympathy for the suspect and cheered him on for his violent actions.

It was not until July of this year that the law enforcement officers of Pforzheim, which had been ruined by a decades-long leftist policy, raised the alarm: The number of attacks on officials had risen massively, police officers were insulted as “racists” and viewed generally as “bad guys”, spitting attacks were becoming frequent, they complained.

The number of attacks increased dramatically from 2019 to 2020. In a city where the proportion of Muslim immigrants is over 60 percent, an increase in attacks of 47,3 percent was reported from 2018 to 2019. On average, this meant an attack on a police officer in a city with a population of just 130 000 every four days.

Emergency doctors and firefighters are also affected by increasing violence and coercion while city authorities ignore the problem.

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