Bloomberg’s “Benjamins” buy ballots for Biden in Florida

The recent frightening announcement that Bloomberg will spend over 100 million $$$ to buy Florida for Biden most assuredly had the likes of his Democrat party’s Jew-hating standouts such as Congresspeople Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Hank Johnson, joining with like-minded others, chuckling among themselves and murmuring the words, “another useful Jewish idiot.”

He joins the other “Jewish” billionaire, Soros, in overtly and without an iota of self-shame, bribing voters to cast their ballots for the Progressive Left that sponsors, supports and remains silent while their militant hordes burn, loot and destroy our cities, without them uttering a word of rebuke, caution or call to cease their rampages.

Just look at the number of synagogues vandalized and the verbal and physical violence aimed at Jews during these, repeatedly described by their supporters as, “demonstrations for social justice.” Bloomberg’s actions are scary to all reasonable, responsible and rational observers.

Florida is a key battleground state with 29 Electoral College votes at stake. And strangely enough, Jews, who make up only about 2.2 % of the national population, number 600,000 and are a major voting factor in the swing, Sunshine State.

And they do get out to vote! They reside mainly in the counties of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade. They generally live in gated, well guarded, walled, lily-white communities where photo ID’s and specific invitations are required for all visitors to enter. Not necessarily the Progressive Liberals’ demands at our southern borders.

They and their non-Jewish neighbors are generally not aware that a Biden/Harris win will ensure an end to their current paradise-like life-style. Along with the Democrats taking charge of our land, will come the re-introduction of the 2015 Obama/Biden ruling, the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act” (AFFH) which was starting to be implemented, but died with Hillary’s loss in 2016 to Trump. President Trump killed it last month. This law, when surely pulled out of the Dumpster by Biden, will have all suburban communities, especially in Florida, destroyed by the Fed’s power over mortgages, grants, twisting arms over local zoning and writing and approving civil rights laws for forceful integration purposes.

Under this integration plan the government would take control of small town property taxes, building codes, schools and basically change life in our suburban communities. Be prepared in the event of a Biden win, for high rise, high density, low income, tenement style housing to be built in all suburbs. As well, there are now plans underfoot for the status of “55 and Over Only Communities” to be challenged in court and eventually ruled unconstitutional by means of its “exclusionary to families” makeup.

The Radical Left wants to homogenize America to rid it of its “White Supremacist Values and Culture.” Socialism, or its more fearful follower, Communism is the only end product of this action.

Bloomberg’s showering Florida with his millions will surely have a permanent, negative effect on that state’s residents that they may not be aware of. Their lifestyles will be destroyed. Their property investments will evaporate into forced integration-like thin air. And their own votes will spell the doom of their now Paradise-like-lifestyles. Let them finally come to grips with reality before it’s too late.

Don’t let Bloomberg’s “Benjamins,” Buying Ballots for Biden’s campaign succeed. Let’s all of us….WAKE UP!”

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