Pakistani stabs a German in streetcar to avoid deportation

The young 19-year-old native, Ralf P. was lucky. An emergency operation saved his life. A complete stranger pushed a kitchen knife into his back in the streetcar without any previous argument. The perpetrator was a Pakistani known to the police.The daily mélange of violence and madness that the inhabitants of Germany have to endure is unimaginable when one remembers the tidy, clean and hospitable country of the past. Wednesday morning in Cottbus, a 19-year-old almost paid with his life for the fact that he took the streetcar.Suddenly a dark-skinned stranger approached him from behind, with a black turban on his head and a knife in his hand. He rammed it into the young man’s back, laughed, and left the carriage.The seriously injured teenager staggered with his last ounce of strength to the driver, who alerted the emergency services. Ralf P. was taken to hospital, where the doctors saved his life with an emergency operation. His life had been in acute danger.The perpetrator was arrested only a few hours after the crime. The police arrested him in his apartment. Abdulsalam R. (29 years old) was identified after viewing the surveillance videos from the streetcar. The man was already known to the police for dangerous assault, threatening behavior and burglary.Regarding his motive, the Pakistani said that he wanted to injure or kill a randomly selected person in order to secure his continued stay in Germany. Then he would not be deported.

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