Only 6 percent of all alleged pandemic deaths are directly related to Covid-19

The US public health agency CDC recently released an update showing that 94 percent of all Americans who are officially said to have died due to Covid-19, had an average of 2,6 other contributing diagnoses or even causes of death. Despite these sensational revelations, destructive shutdowns and restrictions continue around the world as if nothing had happened.

This comes a month after it was revealed in the UK that those who once tested positive were then registered as deceased in Covid-19 – no matter how much later or for what reasons they then died. At the same time, it is now announced that 90 percent of all those who test positive probably do not even have the virus, which since August, may explain why 90 percent are reported to be asymptomatic.

On Saturday, August 26, the US National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its website. It contained a sensational revelation: Of all those who officially died of Covid-19 in the United States, which on September 2 was reported to be nearly 190 000 people, only 6 percent actually did not have one or more other serious illnesses or possible other causes of death.

The other 94 percent also had an average of 2,6 [sic] other illnesses or causes of death. Many were stunned by the news and waited for the political and media establishment in the United States and perhaps even the outside world, not least the countries that had completely ruined their economies and populations through draconian virus restrictions, to comment and immediately change their guidelines and lift shutdowns.

But the only thing that was heard from world leaders was a retweet of the news from President Donald Trump, who that the CDC had quietly updated the Covid numbers. There were 9 210 deaths, and the other 94 percent had 2-3 other serious medical conditions and the absolute majority were very old.

The tweet was deleted by Twitter. The almost total silence is deafening.

The news is by no means unique to the United States, but it has emerged in countless countries that the figures for Covid-19 have been grossly exaggerated. One example is the United Kingdom, where the country’s Minister of Health Matt Hancock in July called for an investigation into the death toll for Covid-19.

This after it was revealed that those who had ever tested positive for the Coronavirus had it noted as a cause of death – regardless of how long after the test or of what cause, they had died. Scotland and Northern Ireland contented themselves with “only” doing so up to 28 days after the test.

The astonishing scandal was hardly given any space at all in the system media.

Among those who in the official US statistics are said to have died of Covid-19, some 5 133 had also died of “intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and other side effects”. In total, seven causes were noted with internationally accepted diagnostic codes (ICD-10) and among these are suicide (T14), traffic accidents with pedestrians (V01), assault (Y09) and war-related deaths (Y36).

Overall, almost every conceivable way of dying seems to have been listed, but they are all reported in the media as having died of the “deadly” Coronavirus.

This information completely overturns what has been reported so far by authorities and the media in the United States, but despite this, mum’s the word.

The US president tried to inform his people by retweeting the news, but the tweet was quickly taken down by Twitter, arguing that it violated their rules. Financial analyst Jeff Berwick, one of the first to report it via his YouTube channel Dollar Vigilante, had his video taken down quickly every time it was uploaded. The system media’s and the big technology companies’ attempts to silence the news failed, however, as it spread like wildfire on social media.

An exception was the New York Post, which reported on the CDC’s figures on August 31 in an article entitled “94 percent of Americans who died of Covid-19 had a contributing disease state – CDC”. In the article, the newspaper writes that “the figures are based on death certificates, which the agency [CDC] called ‘the most reliable data source’”.

CNN had previously written that Covid-19 is so deadly that it could be compared to “two jumbo jets with Americans crashing every day” or “two terrorist attacks like 9/11 happening every week”.

Meanwhile, the high death toll continues to be officially reported, with the United States registering the highest number in the world, even though we now know that 94 percent of these have an average of 2,6 underlying serious diseases or even causes of death.

And if we compare the now official figures on September 2 of 189 964 to the current population in the United States of 331 million, we get a mortality rate of 0,057.

WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyesus, the communist génocidaire and former top member of a terrorist organization who is not even a doctor, sowed panic around the world on March 17 when he said that 3,4 percent of the world’s population was at risk of dying from the “new Coronavirus”.

The New York Times (NYT) reported on August 29 that potentially 90 percent of all those who have tested positive for Covid-19 have such insignificant amounts of the virus in their bodies that they do not need to be isolated, nor are they candidates for contact tracing. The newspaper further writes that leading public health experts are now worried about “over-testing”.

The question is not only why restrictions that have already destroyed the world economy and billions of people’s lives are allowed to continue, but how in the name of public health it can be justified that millions of sick people around the world are forced to wait in long queues to get treatment or even see a doctor. The media in the UK reported at the end of August that the restrictions there have now led to sick Britons being forced to wait until 2022.

German urologist Yves Oberndörfer, says he has had daily contact with dangerous and deadly diseases and infections for more than 30 years. “Covid-19 is not one of them.”

“Since the end of March I have advised every one of my patients who asked, to calm down and put aside their fear. Yes, I too was worried until February. The force of the media also impressed me.” But he says his medical responsibility forces him to acknowledge that this “pandemic” only exists as a “laboratory pandemic”.

“That means it is diagnosed in the laboratory, without it being known whether the person is or is becoming sick. And for whatever reason, testing continues. You cannot tell from a positive laboratory finding whether a person is or will be sick.”

According to Oberndörfer, the most important question that everyone can and should ask is, where are all the dead?

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