Historical Church of Our Lady vandalized in Koblenz, Germany

In the night of August 27, 2020, unknown persons broke the window in the right aisle of the Church of Our Lady in Koblenz (photo above) and managed to enter the church through it. The damaged window is a work of art depicting the women in ruins of Koblenz after the war. It has a value in the high five-digit Euro range. As far as we know, nothing was stolen from the church.

Furthermore, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was broken into. Several doors and windows were damaged. Here the damage is estimated at about 8000 Euro. In one of the rooms, the perpetrator(s) found a beverage crate. Most of the bottles were emptied on site, the remaining bottles were taken away by the perpetrators. Here, too, there is no evidence to date that any other objects were stolen.Please give clues to the Koblenz police by calling 0261-1030.


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