Austria: Despite sexual harassment and coercion an Afghan is at large

A 26-year-old Afghan has repeatedly sexually harassed a girl in the last five years. Most recently, the man pursued his victim into a forest, held her down and harassed her again. The verdict: eight months in prison, two of which he must serve in jail – and 100 euros in compensation.

The accused Afghan came to Austria in 2015 as part of the migration wave and was accommodated in Gaming. The first incident occurred shortly after his arrival. The then 21-year-old approached the girl, who was just 15 years old, in the public swimming pool in Gaming, touched the still underage girl indecently and stuck her hand into his swimming trunks.”We can and want to do without this kind of ‘cultural enrichment’,” commented Freedom Party leader and club chairman Udo Landbauer on the recent conviction of a 26-year-old Afghan at the St. Pölten Regional Court. “Whoever attacks our women and children has no place in our society and must be taken out of the country immediately.”This is the bitter reality that Social Democrats SPÖ and Austrian People’s Party have agreed to allow to enter Austria in 2015. Of course nobody wants to take responsibility for this.For the Freedom Party club chairman, the not legally binding verdict of two months imprisonment and 100 euros compensation is “ridiculous” and “a slap in the face for the girl and the family”. “The Afghan is still on the loose, while other parents in the community are worried about their children. This guy belongs immediately in deportation custody and must be forcibly removed from the country”.”Nobody understands anymore why asylum seekers and foreign criminals are permanently treated with kid gloves. Many things are going terribly wrong here. Those responsible belong to the federal government, and prefer to turn a blind eye and harass our compatriots with unconstitutional punishments and curfews,” said Landbauer.

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