Germany: Syrian killed 6-year-old boy in probably illegal car race

Yesterday evening, a six-year-old boy died in a traffic accident on Budapester Street in Dresden.

According to previous investigations, the driver (31 y.o) of a Mercedes car as well as the driver of a BMW car (23 y.o) were driving towards the downtown area. At the level of Schweizer Street, three children wanted to cross the road. A six-year-old boy was hit by the Mercedes. The Syrian child was taken care of by ambulance personnel and immediately taken to hospital. There the boy died a little later.The traffic accident department of the Dresden police is investigating the 31-year-old Syrian Mercedes driver for negligent homicide and dangerous interference with road traffic. In addition, witnesses have given evidence that points to an illegal car race. Against this background, the 31-year-old and the 23-year-old Syrian BMW driver are also under investigation for illegal motor racing. The driving licences of the two men were seized.The police ask witnesses who can give details of the accident or the style of driving of the two drivers to contact the Dresden police headquarters by calling (0351) 483 22 33.

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