City church vandalized in Rotenburg, Germany

POL-ROW: ++ Einbruch bei Fensterbaubetrieb + Vandalismus an der Stadtkirche + Tabakwaren bei Einbruch in Discounter entwendet ++
Photo: Polizeiinspektion Rotenburg

In the night from Friday to Saturday, various artistically crafted stained glass panes were smashed at the Rotenburg City Church (photo). On Saturday morning the sexton had to discover that several windows had been smashed in the area of the choir room/altar, some of which had been pushed completely out of their frames. Due to the evidence, it cannot be ruled out that the perpetrators injured themselves while damaging the property.The damage to property is likely to amount to a five-digit sum. Information about suspicious persons, possibly with cut injuries, can be given to the Rotenburg police station by calling 04261-9470.

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