Is the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) a romping place for “Grey Wolves” functionaries and right-wing extremist Turks ?

The extent to which the Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) has infiltrated with Islamic functionaries is currently shown by CDU member Mehmet Alparslan Çelebi. He is again posing in the social media with the salute of the right-wing extremist “Grey Wolves”.

That the Social Democratic Party (SPD) is the playground and romping place of hardcore Muslims has been known not only since the statement of former SPD member Thilo Sarrazin, who stated in an interview with the magazine TE at the beginning of this year: “The current SPD leadership is apparently partly in the hands of fundamentally oriented Muslims who want to prevent a critical discussion of Islam in Germany on principle”.

The CDU is no better than its comrades – in terms of the party’s level of Islamization. One of these CDU functionaries who wants to carry Islam in all its radicalism right into the middle of the party and establish it there is Mehmet Alparslan Çelebi. The busy Muslim of Turkish origin – his father Musa Serdar Çelebi established the Turkish-Islamic Cultural Associations in Europe e.V. (ATIB), which security authorities attribute to the extreme right-wing “Grey Wolves” spectrum, where Çelebi used to be an influential member in Turkey and, according to the newspaper FR, was sent from there to Europe to build up structures there – posted a photo on Instagram a few days ago that has already been deleted.

Mehmet Alparslan Çelebi – the member of the CDU – can be seen on it, showing the “Rabia greeting” of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is not the first time that the deputy chairman of the association “Central Council of Muslims” (ZDM) – several member organizations of the ZDM have been and are being observed by the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution – is attracting attention. For example, the CDU member Çelebi presented himself in a clear pose on an Instagram posting that had also been deleted in 2013:

Çelebi is a close friend of Muhsin Senol, who, according to Islamism expert Herrmann-Marschall, has questionable connections to right-wing Turkish organizations. Senol ran for the voters’ association “Forum Neues Offenbach” (FNO) for the mayoral election in Offenbach last year. Herrmann-Marschall is more than concerned about the fact that Senol and Celebi are institutionalizing their cooperation. In the Offenbach association “Egibil – Federal Association of Intercultural Youth Education” Senol has been chairman since June 2016, Celebi his deputy.

Established in 2011, the association was formerly known as “Juristikpark” and “Schuldner-Zentrale”. From 2011 to 2016 Senol was deputy chairman. Cihan Sügür has also been represented in the aforementioned association for two years now. Sügür established the “Muslims in the CDU” in July 2016. “The AKP is deliberately infiltrating German parties”, reported “Report Mainz” at the time. Also mentioned in the report: Mehmet Alparslan Çelebi

The opening evening of “Muslims in the Union” began with the Islamic call to prayer. A “Christian Democrat wearing a headscarf” delivered a “greeting” from the then General Secretary Peter Tauber, who had promised his support and thought the alliance was “great”. According to the newspaper FAZ, a television crew reported afterwards that Erdogan supporters had gathered that evening. After loud criticism of the open Islamization of the CDU, Tauber then claimed not to have sent a greeting at all – that’s how sensitive the Merkel man, who last year wanted to deprive “enemies of the constitution” of basic rights, then finally considered the Islam event.Celebi had also referred to Tauber: He had invited him to join the Hessian state executive of the Young Union to promote diversity in the party.The two party men make it clear what this “diversity” among the Islam functionaries Sügür and Celebi looks like and what kind of Muslims are supposed to infiltrate the CDU: “They must have been given a Muslim education in one of the four umbrella organisations in Germany that represent Muslims. So that the faith principles of Islam are not undermined.”These associations that ensure that this happens are: Ditib, which has been classified as a suspected and observed case by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution since 2018, the association “Central Council of Muslims”, which is also partly observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and to which Atib also belongs, the Islamic Council with the Islamist Milli Görus, to which the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution attests an anti-democratic understanding of the state and the rejection of Western democracy, and – last but not least – the association of “Islamic Cultural Centres”.

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